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3 Reasons To Fall in Love With Our Heart Butt Leggings

Ashley Cunningham

Posted on February 28 2016

3 Reasons To Fall in Love With Our Heart Butt Leggings

3 Reasons To Fall in Love With Our Heart Butt Leggings 

Let’s face it working out can sometimes be a drag. We give ourselves a million and one reasons why we don’t have time to workout and end up binge watching the latest drama series on Netflix while neglecting our health and our bodies. One amazing workout motivator however is a nice pair of workout pants. Not just any workout pants, but our signature heart butt leggings specifically will have you literally running to the gym, to work out and show off your, ahem…assets.  Our heart butt yoga leggings are our number one selling product and for good reason. If you have yet to experience our signature heart butt leggings here are three reasons why you will absolutely adore them!

1.Naturally Breathable Fabric

How many times have you put on a pair of workout pants and felt too constricted? Perhaps you felt an uncomfortable sensation every time you ran or did any excessive movement. Our fabric is made to completely eliminate that issue.  Our firm fitting leggings contour perfectly to your shape and feel as if you have absolutely nothing on, allowing you to easily workout your legs without feeling confined. 

2.Effortless Booty Lift

As if you really needed another reason to wear these gorgeous workout leggings!  Our heart shaped, high waist design gives even the most petite girls a well-rounded gorgeous shape that accentuates curves and provides an effortless booty lift! 

3.Multi Purpose Wear

Though this luxury design is perfect for the gym, yoga, dance, pilates and cycling, it can also take you to lunch, running errands and shopping! Our compression fibers expertly remove moisture from your body allowing longer, more comfortable wear. Feel free to show off that gorgeous heart shaped butt long after you’ve left the gym!


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