What makes Nina B Roze Active Apparel Different?

Why Us? What Makes Nina B Roze Active Apparel Different?

The question on everyone’s mind, the answer is quite simple.  Nina B Roze’s Active Apparel is made by the woman and with the woman in mind. Not just the super healthy and already in amazing shape woman, but everyone woman. The slim woman, the fit woman and the curvy woman all look amazing in our designs. These detailed pieces handcrafted in Los Angeles, and sold nation wide, inspire women to aim for a healthier lifestyle while offering comfort and support for all shapes and sizes. Unlike many other active apparel brands, Nina B Roze’s luxury active wear can take you from the gym to brunch with girlfriends. Our jersey material absorbs moisture and fits so comfortably it feels as if you have nothing on! Sweat doesn’t stand a chance in this sleek and fashionable active wear. Whether you are going for a hike, shaking those buns in Zumba class or sweating it out in hot yoga, you will feel secure and comfortable while looking amazing. Our active wear provides a slimming contour and our number one selling Heart butt leggings provide a nice lift and accentuates your curves. Our yoga pants provide pockets that snuggly fit your cell phone so you can listen to your favorite playlist as you burn calories, without having to worry about remembering to pack your cellphone arm band each time you hit the gym! Our sports bras are made for women of all sizes and are especially equipped for running, Pilates and cycling. Tops provide the perfect support as well as a sleek and sexy look. So, why us, some may still be wondering. We specifically cater our workout wear for women. We understand the importance of comfort, without compromising style. We provide detail and luxury for affordable prices. We inspire women to aim for a healthier more active lifestyle by providing workout essentials that are made specifically with them in mind. We hand pick each and every piece of fabric and do so with years of fashion and fitness education backing us. We proudly represent our brand as one that caters to the needs of our clients. So our question to you is, why not us? 

 Nina B Roze womens activewear


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