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Nina B Roze™ Ambassador Search

Ashley Cunningham

Posted on February 29 2016

Nina B Roze™ Ambassador Search

NINA B ROZE™ Ambassador Program

We aspire to start a community and build a network of women who are passionate, driven and chose to actively put health and fitness first. Women who are aware of how health and fitness can change the world and actively work to inspire others to live a happier, healthier lifestyle. We recognize that without yogis, fitness fanatics, the moms who hit the gym after dropping their children off at soccer practice, the college student who never misses a pilates class and the woman who juggles her career and fitness while managing to effortlessly do both, we would not exist. We appreciate your continuous effort, your input, support and ideas. We enjoy watching your fitness growth as you continue to watch our company grow! Thank you for being a part of our never-ending journey! We promise not to disappoint! 


NINA B ROZE™ Ambassadors

What does it take to be a Nina B Roze Ambassador? Many women have posed the question. The truth is, all it takes is passion! We appreciate women who share a passion for health and fitness. We look for women who actively spread the word to others on the importance of maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle, women who embody that lifestyle. You don’t have to be a fitness guru, be a certified personal trainer or hold a PHD in nutrition to be a part of our team. Whether you do yoga twice a day or once a month, cross fit on a weekly basis or train for marathons, what we truly care about are your thoughts and knowing you are just as passionate as we are. If this sounds like you, we are happy to have you on board as one of Nina B Roze’s proud and passionate ambassadors.

Ambassador Requirements

  • Practice a healthy and active lifestyle - yoga, pilates, crossfit, weight training, running, cycling, dancing.
  • Believe in Nina B Roze mission to inspire women to live their best lives while dressing up for their workouts. Looking good = Feeling good
  • Wear Nina B Roze designs 
  • Like Nina B Roze on Facebook (
  • Follow Nina B Roze on Instagram (@nina_b_roze)
  • Follow Nina B Roze on Twitter (@nbrozeactive)
  • Share your love of Nina B Roze with your friends

Ambassador Benefits

  • Be among the first people to be notified about our latest products
  • Have a chance to be listed on our website with you photo and story
  • 30% off retail on all Nina B Roze products
  • Occasional surprises
  • Receive 10%-15% commission on all sales
  • Sense of community
  • and much more

    TO APPLY :

    • Fill out the questionnaire and tell us about your community and how you plan to make a difference within.
    • You can also email - please allow 24-48 hours for a response.


    Chosen Ambassadors:

    • Application season is March 1 - March 14 only
    • We will be selecting our first ever ambassadors on March 15
    • If you are chosen you will be receiving a “Welcome Email”
    • Good Luck ladies!

    Nina B Roze ambassador search